Sunday, October 4, 2009

Talia's pick SPCC #17

My daughter, Talia has been watching me these past weeks and is very interested in the color combos I've been using. So this week she wanted to play along, I know she's probably too young, but I couldn't tell her no. Here is her card.

Thanks for letting her share.


  1. Talia - Your card is beautiful. The three circles are very eye-catching, and the border is perfect!

  2. How wonderful to let your daughter join in on the fun!! Her card is delightful!!
    So glad she joined us this week at SPCC!!

  3. I always love it when my son wants to make a card - your daughter did a great job!@

  4. Wonderful job on the card Talia! I love the grouping of 3 circles, very eye catching.

    Melisa-SP Diva