Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hapy Birthday....

Happy Thursday, this week has really been flying by. Seems that lately we have had something going on everyday and evening, but I guess that's just the stage of life we're in right now. I'm sure someday I'll miss it. Anyway, enough rambling. We had my youngest daughter at the cardiologist yesterday. Looks like she too has a few issues, but luckily nothing as serious as my oldest. So for now we just go with the flow, more testing to be done. Just have to trust in God that we are right where he wants us right now.

So on a brighter note, I thought I'd share a pic of some forever flowers that I made for my boss for her 50th birthday. She's a super sweet person, and we all went together for gifts and goodies. I also did a little card with some stamping,fabric and three dimensional hearts. Well, thanks for looking, I am lucky enough to have today off, so I'm hoping to find some time to clean out my scrap space-such a mess!

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  1. These flowers turned out super cute, Brigitte! I'm sure your boss loved them.